Tuesday, January 22, 2008

V.A. - Brewed In Sweden Vol. 2: The Premier League Of Swedish Oi!/Street Punk - The Second Half

01-Blisterhead-The sound of unity
02-The Sluggers-Rebellion youth
03-Dims Rebellion-King of my day
04-St. Laura-Same side
05-Clockwork Crew-Get on home
06-Da Skywalkers-Soul, heart and mind
07-Agent Bulldogg-Vi är tillbaks
08-Scumbags-The pissdrunx
09-Smalltown-Fall into line
10-Down And Away-Falling
11-Topper-Once a punk always a punk
12-Sic-All the rain
13-The Loiters-Drink and destroy
14-Radio 69-Where did we go wrong
15-Battlescared-Pigs on parade
16-Blisterhead-Cellblock rock
17-The Sluggers-We're the sluggers
18-Dims Rebellion-Pride
19-St. Laura-9 2 5
20-Clockwork Crew-In for me
21-Da Skywalkers-Where I belong
22-Agent Bulldogg-Sanningens tjänare
23-Scumbags-Together as one
24-Smalltown-The hardest lesson
25-Down And Away-Punks Inc.
27-Sic- As I earn
28-The Loiters-Being a lad these days
29-Radio 69-Still the same
30-Battlescarred-From the gutter to hell


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