Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brewed In Sweden Vol. 3

Coletânia lançada em 2004 mostrando o melhor da cena sueca de punk rock, street punk e Oi!. Algumas bandas mais conhecidas, como Bombshell Rocks e Voice Of A Generation, e várias bandas novas fazem parte do tracklist. Pra quem curte sons do norte da Europa, baixe.

01-Ruthless Bastard – Salvation
02-Dims Rebellion – So low
03-Voice of a Generation – The upbringing
04-The Flap-Jacks – Killing me
05-Malte X - (Ge Mig Mer) Alkohol
06-Scams - Rollin' down (S.C.A.M.S.)
07-Agent Bulldogg – Disappear
08-The Sluggers - Never say die
09-Hathor – Philthy
10-The Mockingbirds – Regrets
11-The Drive-Ins – Crazy
12-Royal Stakeout - Kids united
13-Contemptuous - Nagel i Ditt Öga
14-The Accidents - Never coming down
15-Ingloriuos Bastards - My life my way
16-Frontlash - Terrorist hunter
17-Bombshell Rocks - No. 1
18-The Terrible Mistakes - Today I rule the world
19-Frenzy Four - One night stand
20-Voice of '77 - Live with the shame
21-The Bombdolls - Not just another hangon
22-Ticking Bombs – Battlecry
23-Troublemakers – Hatlåt

Download part 1
Download part 2


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Anonymous said...

HellOi! there!
You are doing great, absolutely fantastic site-blog! I was wandering any chance to fix/re-post Part-1 of this exelent comp. Part-2 link is actualy working. Keep it up, lots of greetings from Punk Dog (London / England)