Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Backstreets Of American Oi!

Coletânea destinada a apresentar a cena americana de Oi!. Muitas bandas menos conhecidas do público fora dos EUA estão nessa coletânea, bem como bandas mais clássicas e conhecidas, como Patriot, Anti-Heros e The Templars. Para quem conhece pouco a cena americana, vale a pena baixar o disco.

01-Broken Heros-Skinhead rock and roll
03-Brickwall United-Friend or foe
04-Sons Of Pride-The glory & the horror
05-Patriot-Johnn's song
06-Blacklist-Nuke Seattle
08-South East Firm-Beat of the streets
09-90 Proof-Hey you
10-Anti-Heros-Fuck Hollywood
11-Service-American graffiti
12-Stormwatch-Bottles flying
13-Vibram 94-Old breed
14-Wretched Ones-Wolfgang
15-Niblick Henbane-Roommate
16-Those Unknown-Another face in the crowd
17-Lager Lads-Due respect
18-Boot Party-Oi! Boys
19-System-Life and times
20-Inebriates-Alley girl
21-Toughskins-Get drunk
22-Yesterday's Heros-Washington bullets
23-The Templars-Politicians
24-Battle Cry-No place to go
25-Nadsat Psycho-Nadsat psycho theme


Password: drunksongs.blogspot.com

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Big BeaR said...

el track #8 08-South East Firm-Beat of the streets...pide otro password...me podrian colaborar..gracias!! saludos!! Medellin-colombia