Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mister X - Punx & Skins United & Win

Banda de Belarus (país anteriormente conhecido como Bielorrúsia) que toca street punk/Oi!. Somente lançou esse EP demo até o presente momento. O disco possui 2 coveres: “S.H.A.R.P.”, dos italianos do Los Fastidios, e “The heroes and the martyrs”, dos franceses do Brigada Flores Magon.

03-That’s not a fashion
05-Punx & Skins
06-A living shit
07-The heroes and the martyrs
08-Beer, Oi! and fun




Anonymous said...

very nice blog! keep up the good work!

Cheers from Croatia!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't extract the 2nd Song..?! it asks me for the right PW...but the rest was going well.

Cheers from Germany

Ruslan said...

крутая группа!)))

Duha said...

Непплохоя команда!

Oi!Oi! Skinhead said...

Ruslan and Duha, can you translate what you said?

Teo said...

Good italian in the first verse!

but no class, italian do it better...

in the Oi! music too! ;-)

Ruslan said...

This band is cool!))
Live show very nice ;)

Anonymous said...

do caralhoooooo