Saturday, December 08, 2007

GG Allin And The Criminal Quartet - Carnival Of Excess

Post em comemoração ao Dia internacional Do Desejo De Matar.

Este é o famoso disco de country music que GG Allin gravou em 1991, pouco antes de morrer, era o disco preferido de GG e para Hank Williams III um dos discos mais letais de country music. São 10 faixas com o melhor do outlaw country feito pelo verdadeiro rei do rock'n'roll GG Allin.
01.Outskirts Of Life
02.Guns Bitches Brawls and Bottles
04.Watch Me Kill
05.Fuck Authority
06.Son Of Evil
07.The Snakeman
08.Pick Me Up (on your way down)
09.No Rights
10.Borrowed Time


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John said...

This is such a great album... Carmelita is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah G.G!!!

Thanks a lot, drunksongs!

Anonymous said...

Then how about buying the fucking album and supporting the label that conceived this project together with GG? An independent, non-corporate, record label, that is. No one is making (or has ever made) money on this release... we are trying to recoup some of the cash that was put into these recording, considered by many to be GG's best ever project. Please think twice about posting music from small independent labels. Thanks...