Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eddie and the Hot Rods - Teenage Depression

A banda Eddie and the Hot Rods foi formada na cidade de Essex, Inglaterra, no ano de 1975 e começou tocando covers de bandas de blues. A primeira formação contava com Barrie Masters (vocal), Dave Higgs (guitarra), Pete Wall (guitarra), Rob Steel (baixo) e Steve Nichol (bateria). Pete Wall e Rob Steel não seguiram em frente com a banda, e foram substituidos por Lew Lewis e um garotinho de 16 anos chamado Paul Gray (que mais tarde faria parte do The Damned).
Com esse novo line-up, o Eddie and the Hot Rods tocou no famoso Marquee Club abrindo para os Sex Pistols e assinou com a Island Records para o lançamento do álbum Teenage Depression, em 1976.
O Eddie and the hot rods na verdade não surgiu como uma banda punk, mas foi contaminado pela explosão da década de 70 e tornou-se uma das mais influentes bandas do início do punk.
Esta versão do álbum Teenage Depression traz 12 bonus tracks incluindo o EP "Live at the Marquee" e singles que só saíram em B-sides e não estão presentes em nenhum LP da banda.

01 - Get Across To You
02 - Why Can't It Be
03 - Show Me
04 - All I Need Is Money
05 - Double Checkin Woman
06 - The Kids Are Alright
07 - Teenage Depression
08 - Horseplay (Wearier Of The Schmaltz)
09 - Been So Long
10 - Shake
11 - On The Run
12 - Writing On The Wall*
13 - Crusin' (In The Lincoln)*
14 - Wooly Bully*
15 - Horseplay (Single Version)*
16 - 96 Tears (Live)*
17 - Get Out Of Denver (Live)*
18 - Gloria/Satisfaction (Live)*
19 - On The Run (Live)*
20 - Hard Drivin' Man (Live)*
21 - Horseplay (Live)*
22 - Double Checkin' Woman (Live)*
23 - All I Need Is Money (Live)*



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Toxxy said...

Superb post, thxxxxxx :-) And all those bonus tracks...WOW!! One h*ll of a good song is "All I Need is Money", their best song ever IMHO. Lookin' forward to hear to hear this song live!

Thx again guys :-)

Toxxy said...

5 mins. later:

OH NO..!!!! Whoever (or the software!) ripped this one didn't do a good job. The songs are totally messed/screwed up BIG TIME! Have a listen for yourself and then please re-rip and re-post, Thx!

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I'm sorry...the songs are alright, nothing wrong with the rip. It was my player, KMPlayer, which somehow f*cked up the songs...don't know what happened, Jetaudio is playing the files just fine :-)

Sorry guys...

Anonymous said...

Thanks much. One of the first "punk" singles I bought was by Eddie and the Hot Rods. (Also got The Damned's first single on Stiff the same day.) And then the live at the Marquee club ep. And then the lp. Life was very cool and opening up large back then. Guess it never stopped. Thanks again.

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Is it Possible To Re-Up, Because i can't get the CD anywhere.

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I'd like to second that request for a re-post of Teenage Depression, if you could please.

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Hi! i would also like to add my request for a re-post of Teenage Depression on your wonderful blog.

Thanks! James

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Any chance of reposting this?

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I would like to see it reposted too. As I look for evey version of '96 Tears' and would like to taste this one.

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Love your blog! I've found alot of great things here. But the link doesn't work for this one anymore.