Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Carpettes - Small Wonders

Mais um album dessa maravilhosa banda inglesa, este album lançado em 2002 via Last Years Youth Records, traz uma coleção de Singles lançados entre 1977-1980, estes via Small Wonder Records. Carpettes dispensa qualquer tipo de apresentação.

The Carpettes
Small Wonders - The Complete Singles 1977-1980
Last Years Youth Records
Size: 28.84 MB

01.How About Me and You
02.Help I'm Trapped
03.Radio Wunderbar
04.Cream of the Youth
05.Small Wonders
06.2 ne 1
07.I Don't Mean It
08.Easy Way Out
09.Johnny Won't Hurt You
10.Keys To Your Heart (live)
11.Total Insecurity(Live)
12.Nothing Ever Changes (Live)
13.You Never Realise
14.Frustration Paradise
15.The Last Lone Ranger
16.Love So Strong
17.Fan Club

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Gringo said...

this is Radio Wunderbar talking to the people , we know you, WE KNOW YOU!
fudido demais!

Pogel said...

Super. I just posted a comp which included the Carpettes and now you post this beauty.