Saturday, August 25, 2007

Combat 84 - The Charge Of The 7th Cavalry

Ps: Keep your fucking comments about politics for yourself. We don't wanna know if you're red, fascist or nazi, or if you think that we shouldn't post bands like Combat 84, cause they were right wing supporter. We'll post what we thing it's good.
Just listen to the music!"

03-Combat 84
08-World war
11-Rapist (version)
12-Combat 84 (version)




MANCHA said...

Viadagem ficar escrevendo em ingles

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% , i also listen to right and left wing Oi! music. Lets keep politics out of music.

Anonymous said...

Nice post .

Anonymous said...

Yes! I don't think! i just listen to the music!

Anonymous said...


AntiLeft&Right said...

The book is on the table!
The Combat 84 is in this blog!
The band is very good!
The message about 'Combat 84 post', and wrote here in english IS OK... perfect!
I don't speak and write english very well!
I think i need stop to write!

Anonymous said...

ingreis vei brincadeira né

fabio said...

devia ter ingles e portugues. eu entendo ingles, mas e quem não entende? além disso a qualidade do blog piorou de uns tempos pra cá. Tirando esses cds dos ultimos dias o resto anda meio fraco e desatualizado.

ja foram melhores, infelizmente, pq antes era o meu blog de cd favorito.

Anonymous said...

"or if you THING that we shouldn't post bands like Combat 84"... Excellent english!

Anonymous said...

gee...this is a very nice blog indeed....but what´s the point in putting right-wing or fascist suppourters,just cuz their music is good?....for me is bullshit

Anonymous said...

frequentar um curso de inglês seria uma boa antes de postar

AntiLef&Right said...

Again and I agree:
"Keep your fucking comments about politics for yourself. We don't wanna know if you're red, fascist or nazi, or if you think that we shouldn't post bands like Combat 84, cause they were right wing supporter".
For me and most of people here (certainly), "red idiot" or "nazi stupid" comments is bullshit!

AntiLef&Right said...

ou seja... para mim e certamente para a maior parte das pessoas aqui, comentários vermelho-idiotas e nazi-estúpidos são uma grande merda (um baita cocozão, igual aquele dentre da cabeça dessas pragas)!

Ps. Vermelho escrevendo em inglês é o fim da picada,... já foram pró-China, pró-Tibet, pró-Albânia e nem anti-english-write-imperialismo são mais!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha que liga né

Anonymous said...

"or if you thinK that we shouldn't post bands like Combat 84"...That's better, idiot.

Anonymous said...

u are all a bunch of fucking faggots,the butt of the worst joke in history,get a grip!
nazi scum eat shit and die!

Anonymous said...

You fucking red and sharp cunts, are really pissing me off, I don't have any problems with u, and i don't care what you listen to,but you have problems if i listen to right wing bands like combat 84. As far as i know combat 84 is an Oi! band , and Oi! bands aren't racist, if he had posted some RAC band then you can scream all you want, but this is a band that said that there aren't nazi , here read if u can,

You cunts are oppsessed with politics, right wing and left wing are the same for me.I just listen to the music!!!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, but it's way better than you will ever write in Croatian ,
To my left wing know it all politicians, who think they know everything

Sharky said...

fuck politicians
fuck histeric girls
fuck english
fuck your mom
qu'eu quero é róóóque!!

um dia eu posto alguma nhaca aqui tb

Luger Himmlisch said... musica es lo importante...

turnbOI!telvergesser said...

What's all the fuzz about? Even if you only listen to the music you have to admit: this record sucks!

AAA said...

que os den por kulo !!! Nazis fuck off !! fuck your tolerance !! Apoliticos fuck you !!

Anonymous said...

What the fuck about politics? Who said punk is about politics? is just fashion now... Fucking skin heads so called working class, walking down the streets wearing 60 dollars ben sherman shirts or 120 dollars doc marteen boots... It's about fashion. never heard about working class so wealthy!
I like the music even thou those who make it are a bunch of jerks that spend more time in front of a mirror fixing a stupid mohawk than reading a book.

those that think that punk is about politics are delusional...

Anonymous said...

So yeah, this is a great CD. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ambiguos mueranse!