Tuesday, June 26, 2007

V.A. - Trouble On The Terraces

Coletânea com a temática voltada aos Hooligans, como a coletânea já diz, são Football Anthems, com as principais bandas voltadas à esse estilo como Cock Sparrer e a faixa-título da coletânea, Business e 4-Skins. Sons clássicos mas indispensáveis.

01. Trouble In The Terraces - Cock Sparrer
02. Saturday's Heros - Business
03. Bootboys - Infa Riot
04. We're The Hooligans - Oppressed
05. Saturday - 4 Skins
06. Tuckers Ruckers - Gonads
07. Blood On The Terraces - Angelic Upstarts
08. Here To Stay - Warriors
09. Runnin' Riot - Cock Sparrer
10. Handball - Business
11. Riot Riot - Infa Riot
12. A.C.A.B. - 4 Skins
13. Every Satrurday - Section 5
14. Read All About It - Argy Bargy
15. Resort Bootboys - Last Resort
16. Warriors (Come Out To Play) - Warriors
17. Crime 'N' Other Things - Gobsmakt
18. Yobsmkt - Gobsmakt


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simone said...

agora eu vou ser chata!!!! postem Voice of Generation!

Gui1977 said...

filho da puta, era pra postar a coletanea de Glam/Proto Punk pra eu baixar...

Gringo said...

o corno, o upload deu erro! eu posto hoje a noite

e eu vou postar Voice Of A Generation e dedicar pra Simone! =D hahahaha

Jorge said...

Thanks for this...
Hey bloggers i’m sorry to post this here but i'm desperate.
Do you know this song?
Is a missing track about the year 1986, some information of this song is welcome (if is possible some clue or a extract of the lyrics).
Pages like this is my only hope.
(I will pay 10 dollars for the title and artist information) ;)