Sunday, June 24, 2007

Red Alert - We've Got The Power

Formada em 1979 na Inglaterra, contava com Steve Smith, Tony Van Frater, Gaz Stuart e Dona. Após algum tempo de ensaios, tocaram pela primeira vez em Suderland. Logo, lançadam seu primeiro EP chamado Third And Final. Após o lançamento, Mitch substitui Dona na bateria. Entraram na coletânea Carry On Oi! e alguns meses depois lançam We've Got The Power.

01. We've Got the Power
02. Crisis
03. Weekend Warfare
04. They Came in Force
05. Rebels in Society
06. Third and Final
07. You've Got Nothing
08. S.P.G.
09. Foreign Affairs
10. Campaign
11. Art of Brutality
12. Smash Your Chains
13. Industrial Slide
14. It's Me Boys
15. In Britain [*]
16. Screaming at the Nation [*]
17. Murder Missile [*]




Robert.Johnsson said...

Great blog :)

Gonna Nick a few when i get some more time


Anonymous said...

Weird...hehe. I did some google and find out that the "We've Got The Power" LP, from '83, has no bonus track, but the '92 release CD, has 17 bonus tracks.
Anyway, very thanks.

Gringo said...

I saw on a french website the LP with only three bonus tracks.