Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Carpettes - Frustration Paradise

1o álbum, lançado em 79, pela clássica banda inglesa formada em 77 por George Maddison. Os Carpettes permanecem na ativa, atualmente contando com Jimmy Devlin na guitarra e Jim Cosgrove na bateria, sendo Maddison o único membro original. Seu cd mais recente, Better than ever before, foi lançado em 2005. Powerpop for the punk generation.


01. frustration paradise
02. reach the bottom
03. i don't mean it
04. 3 a.m.
05. away from it all
06. johnny won't hurt you
07. lost love
08. it don't make sense
09. a.b.c.
10. cruel honesty
11. how to handle a woman
12. indo-china


Gringo said...

Carpettes é muuuuuuuito bom!

Jeronyme said...

Great band indeed!!!

faria said...

Ops, parece que conheco essa "away from it all" de algum lugar. valeu!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Melbourne, Australia!

What a cracking good band!

I am so impressed with this record!

Thanks so much for giving me the chance to hear it!

Big Ern xxx

Gumby said...

Hello from Finland!

I had a collection of early Carpettes demos + a track on a V/A comp LP from 1979. Great to hear their LPs, powerful stuff! Thanks!