Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oi... glorious oi! + Oi! That's what I call music

Duas coletâneas compiladas nesse cd lançado em 94, que trazem alguns dos maiores nomes da cena street punk/oi! como sham 69, angelic upstarts e cockney rejects, incluindo bandas emergentes da época como Vicious Rumours, The Glory, Section 5 e Intensive Care.
01. section 5 - work it out
02. angelic upstarts - i wanna knighthood
03. burial - holding on
04. the anti-heros - some fun
05. the glory - where were you
06. cockney rejects - rip off
07. sham 69 - lost on highway 46
08. vicious rumours - one thing on our minds
09. indecent exposure - bank holidays
10. youth defense league - turncoat
11. close shave - i'd rather be down the pub
12. intensive care - rebel
13. the crack - don't just sit here
14. the magnificent - (i don't wanna) be like you
15. the glory - scarred for life
16. anti-heroes - six pack daze
17. the betrayed - don't waste space
18. condemned 84 - boots go marching in
19. the business - mouth an' trousers
20. the kicker boys - i gotta handgun
21. section 5 - remember the night
22. the strike - victims
23. judge dread - bring back the skins
24. splodgenessabounds - wiffy smells
25. sham 69 - pretty vacant
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odio99@gmail.com said...

muito bom o blog, descobri ontem e ja baixei coisa pracaralho...
só que um dos poucos albuns em portugues nao ta disponivel, é o do Mão de Ferro... sera que tem como alguem me passar? valeu

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you can re-ass this link? along with Backstreets of American Oi!?

Great site! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I would be grateful if this album could be re posted.


Anonymous said...

Oi!-Oi! Another request, if possible could you please re-post this rare and amazing comp. as well
Many, many thanks!!!
Best Regards from London (Punk Dog)