Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Chords - So Far Away

Nascido em 1978, o Chords, é uma banda britanica do primeiro escalão do Mod Revival, que teve um sucesso massivo junto a bandas como Jam, Purple Hearts, Lambrettas entre outros, alem de demonstrar uma grande influencia de punk rock nos seus sons, este album é o primeiro da banda. Originalmente com 12 musicas.

The chords
So Far Away
size: 100.87mb

01.Maybe Tomorrow
02.Happy Families
03.Breaks My Heart
04.Tumbling Down
05.Hold On I'm Coming
06.I'm Not Sure
07.Something's Missing
08.It's No Use
09.What Are We Gonna Do Now
10.She Said, She Said
11.Dream Dolls
12.So Far Away
13.Now It's Gone
14.Don't Look Back
15.Now It's Gone
16.Things We Said
17.I Don't Wanna Know
18.Hey Girl
19.This Is What They Want
20.British Way Of Life, The
21.Way It's Got To Be, The
22.In My Street
23.I'll Keep Holding On



Óscar said...

Great Blog!!

Keep the faith

Micke. Malmo Sweden. said...

The Download link do`nt work.Please fix it! Really want this ! Cheers!

Mistermaniac said...

Just heard about these guys and really liked what little I heard, so glad the link still works after all this time. Thanks!

Mistermaniac said...

This CD is great!!! However, could you please re-up Track #23...there is a problem at the end and the song cuts off. Hopefully you're still reading posts this far back. If you do re-post Track #23, could you post as a separate file so we don't have to DL the rest of the album again.
Thanks again...

Highlander said...

Arrived here from the P5 blog and glad I did. I posted the vinyl copy of this a little while back but have grabbed yours for all the extra tracks. Keep up the good work!