Saturday, January 27, 2007

Psycho Attack Over Europe

Psycho Attack Over Europe é uma otima coletânea que reune grandes bandas de psychobilly.
01.Slapping Suspender - Batmobile
02.Vampire Ville - The Voodoo Dollz
03.Baby What You Want - P.O.X.
04.Waltons Go - The Waltons
05.Sha La La - Les Wampas
06.Destroyed Illusions - The Tranquillizers
07.Teenage Trash - The Waltons
08.Psycho In New Orleans - P.O.X.
09.Paranoia - The Tranquillizers
10.Dracu Pop - Les Wampas
11.The Trip - Dave Phillips
12.Club X - The Voodoo Dollz
13.Listen To What Archie Sez - Archie
14.Little Red Ridinghood - P.O.X.
15.Smell Of Kat - Stringbeans
16.The Cat - Sunny Domestozs
17.Ride On - The Dazzlers
18.Take A Look - The Roughnecks
19.Nobody's Business - Frenzy
20.Warpath - Archie
21.Scum Of The Neighbourhood - Batmobile
22.Nighttime syndicate - P.O.X.
23.Demon Girl String Beans
24.Hard Times - The Roughnecks
25.Get Away Of My Brain - The Dazzlers

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